Monday, October 20, 2008

TESS web tool

TESS is a web tool for predicting transcription factor binding sites in DNA sequences. It can identify binding sites using site or consensus strings and positional weight matrices from the TRANSFAC, JASPAR, IMD, and our CBIL-GibbsMat database. You can use TESS to search a few of your own sequences or for user-defined CRMs genome-wide near genes throughout genomes of interest.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


 RepeatMasker is a program that screens DNA sequences for interspersed repeats and low complexity DNA sequences. The output of the program is a detailed annotation of the repeats that are present in the query sequence as well as a modified version of the query sequence in which all the annotated repeats have been masked (default: replaced by Ns). On average, almost 50% of a human genomic DNA sequence currently will be masked by the program. Sequence comparisons in RepeatMasker are performed by the program cross_match, an efficient implementation of the Smith-Waterman-Gotoh algorithm developed by Phil Green.  

Gene Regulatory Information Server (AGRIS)

The Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server (AGRIS) is a new information resource of Arabidopsis promoter sequences, transcription factors and their target genes. AGRIS currently contains two databases, AtcisDB (Arabidopsis thaliana cis-regulatory database) and AtTFDB (Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factor database). The two databases, used in tandem, provide a powerful tool for use in continuous research.
AtcisDB consists of 25,516 promoter sequences of annotated Arabidopsis genes with a description of putative cis-regulatory elements.
AtTFDB contains information on approximately 1,770 transcription factors. These transcription factors are grouped into 50 families, based on the presence of conserved DNA-binding domains.